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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is daycare a right choice for my dog?

It depends on your dog's temperment and social skills. If they are friendly to other dogs when you take them for walks or in the park, then they will be fine at daycare. If they only get along with certain dogs (i.e. alpha males or females), we will group them together with those dogs so they can still spend the day playing. We recommend day care to all social dogs and especially young dogs and dogs with high energy levels. This way they can let it out and exercise during the day, and not all at once when you get home from work.

How will daycare affect my dog?

You may notice that your dog is tired at night and sleeps through the night. This is normal because they are active all day, just as you or I would be tired after an active day. Dogs new to daycare may experience temporary changes in eating habits. Some dogs will not want to eat during the day while they are playing, but will be hungry when they get home in the evening.

At what age should I bring my puppy in to try daycare?

You can start our daycare as soon as your puppy is old enough to have all the required vaccinations. While some can be nervous at first, puppies tend to adapt the quickest and do very well in day care.

What exactly is doggie daycare?

Doggie daycare works a lot like a daycare center for children .You drop your canine friend off and then pick him or her up later in the day. For your dog, doggy daycare is all about fun. The day is spent playing with friends, sniffing, yipping, running and chasing. During your dog's stay at daycare, he or she will be able to socialize with people and other dogs. Instead of moping around the house in state of anxiety and loneliness, possibly damaging your possessions, your pet will hang out with lots of cool dogs. We also offer dog wash, teeth brushing and nail trimming that can be done during daycare.

What are the benefits of taking my dog to doggie daycare?

Plenty!!Besides having fun, doggy daycare has also health benefits: Exercise and boost for immune system. Pets stay fit, sleep better and suffer fewer symptoms of stress. Dogs are social animals and benefit from being able to interact with other dogs. They'll learn to get along with others, get some exercise and have a lot of fun!! It also eases your mind knowing your dog is being entertained while you're gone. Very hyperactive dogs are given a proper outlet for all of that energy, and dogs needing to shed a few pounds can do so by playing in the playgroups.

How does daycare benefit me?

People love daycare because it gets them off the hook, after a long day of doing business you don't have to rush home for a long walk. Instead, you can pick up your pet at Amherst Boarding Kennel and go home to begin your evening with other pursuits. With daycare, your furnishings and possessions are safer because the dog won't be home chewing, digging or lifting its leg in your living room or bedroom. Daycare also assures you that neighbors will not be driven to the brink of insanity by incessant barking.

Do I need to make reservations in advance?

No. Our daycare is available on a drop-in basis, Monday through Friday. We do not provide daycare on Saturdays or Sundays. You do not need to call ahead, as long as your dog has already been accepted into daycare. However we recommend you call the day before coming to daycare, just making sure we are having daycare during busy holidays. There are signs posted at least 3 weeks ahead of any holiday or limited daycare days!!

How are new dogs introduced?

New dogs are introduced to their new friend's one at a time. Introductions may start in the lobby, and then move into the main area. After your dog is comfortable with meeting a new friend who has a similar size or energy level or age, another dog's is introduced until your pet is comfortable with all his/her new friends.

Are small dogs put together with big dogs?

We put our guests with friends who have a similar size or same (similar) play style and energy level, unless your dog has a preference.

Can I see where my dog will be staying or playing?

Definitely!!! We encourage our customers to come and see our staff and facility.

What do the dogs do all day?

It really depends on the dog. Each one will seek out others with similar interests, energy levels and play styles. Some live for the moments when the hose is turned on. Some like chasing each other around and around and around the playground. Some patrol the fence line. Some work on their all-star wrestling maneuvers, and some prefer to observe but not engage. The varied and constant stimulation of a daycare environment is very enriching to your dogs mental and physical state, regardless of how much he/she plays.

Do the dogs ever get breaks or do they play 12 hours straight?

Doggie naps/rest during the day provide much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of doggie daycare. We offer lights-out time with music and dogs resting in individual kennels. Hours of group play without a break can become stressful for even the most social creatures, and we strive to provide a balance of stimulating play and relaxing wind-down time.

How can I be sure that the facility is clean, comfortable and safe?

Amherst Boarding Kennel is cleaned and disinfected every day. Everyday all kennels and play areas are cleaned and disinfected regardless of how many dogs have visited. We require all dogs to be up to date on all vaccinations. There is always someone supervising to make sure our guests are safe and comfortable. There is one supervisor to every 15-20 dogs.

How secure are the play areas?

Amherst Boarding Kennel's fencing is high enough to prevent jumping out and grounded in concrete to prevent digging out. Double gates for entering the play area ensure that little Houdini, the escape artist, can be caught should he/she slips through the gate as someone is entering or leaving the play area. Make sure that you let our staff know if you have an escape artist or fence jumper/climber.

What if my dog gets hurt in Daycare?

The safety of the dogs is always our first priority. We closely monitor dogs and keep play on a fun, friendly basis so that it doesn't become too wild or confrontational. Yes your dog can get hurt in daycare, whenever group or individuals play, injuries are infrequent, but inevitable. However, dogs use their mouths and paws to play; therefore, little scratches& nicks are not uncommon also slips/falls while running, collisions with walls or other dogs, skin tears or scratches from rough play, or minor bite wounds inflicted either unintentionally or as a disciplinary 'correction' from a pack mate. Your dog can get hurt in the outside world, on any day, no matter how careful you may be. However, we believe that the benefits they get from coming to daycare far exceed the risk you take in bringing them here. If anything serious should happen, we will transport the dog to a nearby veterinarian if needed and notify you immediately.

What about illnesses?

Is it possible for my dog to catch something at daycare? Dog daycare, as we have mentioned, is very much like child day care. It is possible, just like kids, for dogs to spread illnesses to each other; especially since dogs often play with their mouths. In order to come to daycare, you must believe that the benefits of socialization, exercise and stimulation are more important and outweigh the potential for occasional illness. It would not be realistic to expect a child never to get sick at day care or at school and the same applies to dog daycare. Also, like children, some dogs have stronger immune systems than other dogs. There might be a child at school who picks up every illness that comes around and another who has the same exposure, but never seems to get sick. Sometimes illnesses are not apparent right away and dog may expose other dogs. Dogs also have a tendency to hide pain when they are around other dogs.

Do you feed my pet during daycare?

If you would like your pet to eat while at daycare, please bring his or her food or treats and let us know if you would like to use our diet. There is no extra cost to feed your pet while in daycare.

My pet has special needs. Will this cost extra?

Special needs and administering medications can be discussed and we will determine if your pet will benefit in our social environment. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for every pet that comes through our doors.

Can I afford Dog Daycare?

Obviously, this is a personal decision, but we try to make it easy as possible for you to afford our services. You can use dog daycare at any frequency level that you choose. While some of our customers use the service daily, others use it weekly or several times per month. Our philosophy is that the costs are outweighed by the substantial improvement to the quality of life of your dog..... and as a result, to your own life!

Do you have any breed restrictions?

No. We will provide services to any dog based on his demonstrated behavior, regardless of his/her breed. While in daycare, all dogs will be held to the same rules, policies, and standards.

Can someone else drop off or pick up my pet for me?

Yes, certainly. However, we do appreciate being told in advance.

What if I forget to pick up my dog from Daycare?

If you forget to pick up your dog from daycare we will feed and put a bed down for your dog to stay as night boarder. Every effort will be made to contact you to inform you what has been done.

Why Amherst Boarding Kennel for Daycare?

Amherst Boarding Kennel is simply the best dog daycare center. We have the largest outside- inside play yards. We are an affordable daycare center for your pet. And that's not all!

Convenience: Our location is the ultimate of convenience and our hours and flexibility cannot be beat. This makes it easy for you to give your dog the very best care.

Knowledgeable, Caring Staff: Our nurturing, energetic staff will really connect with your pet! We take care of each pet as if they were our own. This is more than just a job for us!

Commitment to Customer Service: We listen to our customer's needs and wants. We are committed to our clients as well as to their pets! We want you to have a great experience each time you leave your pet with us. Our staff is not only friendly and flexible, we want to go the extra mile for you every time.


Grooming should be part of a normal routine. It is not always feasible to groom your dog yourself. Here at Amherst Boarding Kennel we have a complete bathing and grooming room ready to go. Let us do the grooming for you. Take home a clean, brushed out dog ready to snuggle with you.

For most pets, grooming is an enjoyable experience. They relish extra attention and pampering, and after the grooming session, they look and smell marvelous.

What good grooming can do for your pet:

  • Improve skin and coat condition
  • Help maintain the overall health of your pet
  • Help find underlying health issues, such as dry skin, ear infections, lumps, etc.
  • Help reduce seasonal shedding

If your pet is boarding with us, why not check into getting him/her bathed before going home? Please make appointment. Boarders are not automatically groomed or bathed before going home.

Our groomer Debbie Sparks has been grooming dogs and cats over 20 years. She is a U.S certified Grooming Academy Instructor and has been teaching new groomers in New York State since 2002.She specializes in Poodles and Terriers. She attends yearly seminars to stay up to date with breed standards and new grooming techniques. She is one of the only groomers left in the area to do hand stripping. She will groom your dog to bring out his or her best features, and is able to work with difficult dogs.

What type of Shampoo do you use? Can I bring my own?

Yes you can bring your own shampoo. We offer these shampoos:

  • Whitening Shampoo- Helps to brighten coat, reduces yellowing and staining with regular use.
  • Blueberry Facial Scrub- Helps to remove eye staining and odors from face leaving clean scent.
  • Oatmeal Shampoo- Relieves dry itchy skin.
  • Hypo Shampoo- good for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies, will not irritate or dry the skin and coat, contains no perfumes or dyes.
  • Deep Coat Conditioners- Good for dry skin, adds and restores moisture to dry brittle coats and relieves itching due to season changes.
  • Cream Rinses- Helps to manage coat, keep it from tangling and adds luster!! !

Full service groom and Bath brush service are available-these include shampoo and cream rinse, ear cleaning, toe nail trim and blow-dry by hand with complete brush out.

Nail trims are available ($5 ala carte, included with full service groom, bath and brush out). 

Ear cleaning is available ($5 ala carte, included with full service groom, bath and brush out).

We also offer Exit Baths, Typically priced at.... Exit Baths include shampooing and cage drying with a quick "fluff of fur" to finish. Exit Baths do not include the detailed finishing that we provide with full service groom and bath and brush out. A toenail trim may be added for $3.This is a good choice when you want your dog to smell fresh after boarding stay. These are particularly suitable for smooth-coated dogs. Also note that daycare dogs scheduled for Exit Bath are only charged$ 12 for daycare,if it's their 1st or 2nd day of the week.

What else can I do for my dog during Grooming or Bathing?

We have a fabulous Low-shedding treatment that gets out all the extra undercoat and slows down the shedding process. This can be repeated every 4-6 weeks, or only during shedding season. Each pet's need may vary.

We also offer add on services:

• Desheding $13

• Dematting $ 5 I 15 min

• Hand striping $20 per hour

• De-skunk Baths $10

• Medicated Baths $5

• Teeth Brushing $5

• Nail Painting $5

• Nail Grinding $5

• Pad Shave Foot Trim $5

• Flea Baths $5

• Allergy Relief Bath $20

We don't do anal glands. This is a service that should be performed by vet. Because it is an internal procedure, as groomers we can only perform external procedures and this will not solve the underlying problem!!!

Grooming Prices

Full Service Groom:

Full service Groom prices for common Breeds are listed below. If your dog's breed is not listed, the price for hair cut can be estimated by referring to a dog breed of similar size and similar hair length. Full service groom-generally includes Bath, Brushing, Nails, Ear cleaning,hair cutting or hand scissoring and desheding (Dematting).

Bath and Brush out service:

Bath/Brush out service prices are determined by breed of the dog. Brush out service-generally includes Bath, 15 min brushing,nails and ear cleaning. Please note that all quotes and estimates for hair cut or bath may be revised depending upon the condition of your dog's hair and coat.

Breed Name:  Full Service groom Bath/Brush out
Bichon Frise $40.00 $30.00
Brussels Griffon $40.00 $27.00
Cairn Terrier $37.00 $30.00
Cavalier King Charles $37.00 $30.00
Chow Chow $55.00 $45.00
Cock-a-poo $45.00 $35.00
Cocker Spaniel $45.00 $35.00
Bernese Mountain Dog $65.00 $45.00
Border Collie  $50.00 $45.00
Corgi $45.00 $30.00
English Springer Spaniel  $50.00 $40.00
German Shepherd  $45.00 $40.00
Goldendoodle  $55.00 $45.00
Golden Retriever  $55.00 $45.00
Havanese  $37.00 $30.00
Husky  $55.00 $45.00
Jack Russell  $30.00 $25.00
Labradoodle  $50.00 $45.00
Labrador Retriever  $40.00 $30.00
Lhasa Apso  $37.00 $32.00
Maltese  $35.00 $30.00
Multipoo  $37.00 $28.00
Pekingese  $35.00 $28.00
Pomeranian  $35.00 $28.00
Poodle  $50.00 $35.00
Toy Poodle  $35.00 $30.00
Shih Tzu  $37.00 $30.00
Silky Terrier  $37.00 $27.00
Westie  $37.00 $30.00
Wheaton Terrier  $50.00 $40.00
Yorkshire Terrier  $37.00 $30.00



Health and Safety Questions

What shots are required?

Your Dog should be current on Rabies, DHPP and Bordattela ("kennel cough").We will need written proof of vaccinations. You can bring them with you for us to copy, or you can have your vet fax them to us 716-625-6778. We recommend your pet being vaccinated at least one week prior to coming to Amherst Boarding Kennel. Since vaccinations stress a pet's immune system, it's best not to also stress them with a new Environment.Also,some pets may have a reaction to vaccines and this will greatly reduce chance of that happening here.

Do you require the Bordetella vaccine every 6 months?

Not necessarily. If the shot record provided by your veterinarian shows a due date that is a year after was given, we will honor your veterinarian's recommendation. We are not vets, and quite frankly over-vaccination can be as harmful as under-vaccination. Please keep in mind that "Kennel Cough" protection is provided by Bordatella vaccine, there are many strains and the vaccines are not effective against all of them (similar to the flu shot for people).Sadly, most of the dogs that may get "kennel cough" at Amherst Boarding Kennel are our new clients dogs....not a wonderful first impression, but it happens-just like the new kid at daycare who gets sick. Our "regulars" rarely get sick as their immune systems have adjusted to the challenges.

My dog is older and my veterinarian suggests that he doesn't get certain vaccinations. What can I do?

Some vets test for titers to determine if a certain vaccination is necessary. We would accept this. Also if a vet doesn't feel comfortable giving a certain vaccination, we simply require a signed waiver from your vet stating this.

Can my dog get SICK at Amherst Boarding Kennel?

We cannot guarantee that your dog will not get sick at Amherst Boarding Kennel. Just like human diseases, many dogs are most contagious BEFORE they are showing symptoms of illness. Your best safeguard against serious illness is to make sure your dog has the required vaccinations at least one week prior to attending Amherst Boarding Kennel. We have occasionally had dogs come down with "kennel cough" and gastroenteritis after attending our facility. We are also cleaning and disinfecting our facility on a daily basis. Our non-porous epoxy floor helps keep gastroenteritis at minimum. We are very open about "kennel cough- when we have had cases reported or seen. We let the "parents" know, just as children's daycare would. Due to the incubation period for "kennel cough" it's possible that dogs don't show any symptoms while with us-so we depend on the owners to report any illness after their pet gets home. The good news is that many of Amherst Boarding Kennel "regulars" seem to build up immunity. At Amherst Boarding Kennel, we believe knowledge is power, so we will always strive to keep owners aware of risks so they can make an informed decision as to the risks they will take.

Why do you remove the dog's collars?

There are debates among boarding kennels and doggie daycare centers whether dogs should wear or not wear collars.Because we must have fencing to keep dogs within our grounds,the fencing also could be a place where a collar could get caught and cause great harm to a dog.There are situations where one dog's jaw can get caught in another dog's collar and twists around and that can suffocated the other dog. Even if you cut the collar off with scissors in time before one dog suffocates, both dogs still will be terrified. We basically considered these incidents as signs to go collarless! Going collarless is our professional choice. We recommend that all dogs be micro chipped..Collars  break, can get caught on things or can be removed....tags can come off the collar...although rarely a microchip may not be permanent, in most cases this is a permanent form of identification that will always be there to ensure your dog's safe arrival back home.

Basic Requirements Questions

Are all breeds welcome?

We do not discriminate against any breeds.A good dog is a good dog,or problem dog is a problem dog, no matter what breed it is.

Why do you require an emergency contact at Amherst Boarding Kennel?

We take your pets comfort, health and safety seriously. If your pet needs medical attention and you are unavailable, your emergency contact can help us make health care decisions for your pet.

Facilities I Environment Questions

How long has Amherst Boarding Kennel been in business?

Amherst Boarding Kennel has been in business since 2001.

How is Amherst Boarding Kennel different from other boarding facilities?

During the day,our borders receive lots of play time in our indoor/outdoor play yards,our play yards are very spacious, and we have the biggest and most play yards of any boarding facility in Western New York.All dogs at Amherst Boarding Kennel are actively engaged in play throughout the day by kennel staff.We include this exercise,plus feeding and administering routine medications in our rates.There are NO EXTRA charges to have your dog treated as it would be at home.The only exception is if an animal requires an injectible medication such as insuline.

Can I visit your facility before I bring my pet?

Absolutely!! We love to have you visit us before your dog comes to stay with us.We'd like to show you how we are different from our competitors.Please bring your dog with you,just make sure you bring a current vaccination record with you,so he can see the facility too.

What are drop-off and pick-up times?Are they different from your posted business hours?

Clients can drop-off and pick-up anytime during posted business hours. Our business hours are Mon-Fri:9:O0AM to 1PM & 4:30PM to 6:3O PM,Sat:9:0O AM to 12PM,Sun:4:3O to 7:00PM. Office is closed on Holidays and Sundays morning.

Do you have a vet on staff at the kennel?

Our staff is trained in animal first aid by Red Cross and many are graduates from Animal management program,also most have been here for 5yrs or longer.No,we do not have a vet on call. Instead, should the need arise,we will call your reguiar vet, since they are familiar with your pet and to provide continuity of care. Also, in the event that your pet becomes ill after your regular vet is closed, we will contact the emergency clinic and notify you as soon as possible using the emergency contact information that you provide us with,

What is a kennel run?How big are your kennels?

Each "Outside Kennel run" is separated into inside and outside run by a "guillotine" type door that is operated on pulley system. All of our runs are 4 Feet wide by 8 feet long, we have a few runs that are 5 by 8 feet. We also offer suites they are...........Each kennel has water bowl available all day,

Is your kennel facility heated and air conditioned?

Absolutely! Our kennel floors are heated so dogs are comfortable in the winter or cold weather When it is extremely hot in the summer doors are kept closed and we run air conditioning at approximately 68 F.During inclement weather are guests are given access to their outside runs every two or three hours.

How often Kennels cleaned?

Our facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected Every day.We use top of the line, animal-safe disinfectants that are strong enough to kill major viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens.We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility!

Is there a door that my dog has to push open?

No.The outside“runs" are separated by a door that is operated by a human using a pulley throughout the day.The doggy doors are closed during inclement weather and when the kennel runs are being cleaned and disinfected.

Can I call the to check and see how my dog is doing?

Absolutely!! Feel free to call between the opening hours for update.

What is your cancellation policy?

We realize that plans do change,and we wish to accommodate all of our customer's needs, you can cancel any time without penalty with the exception of holidays that require a deposit.Deposits are refundable as long as the cancellation is made 3 days prior to the arrival date.The exception is spring break,the cancellation must be made 1 week prior to the arrival date.

Why did I get charged for Sunday?

Most Kennels are closed on Sundays, but as a courtesy to our customers, we have decided to provide hours on Sunday animal lovers ourselves, we understand how eager you are to be reunited with your pet.Rate is based on when our staff begins tending to pet guests in our care at 7:30 a.m.,so before you arrive for check out,your pet will have been fed, exercised,had his/her kennel area cleaned and in some cases,have been bathed to prepare for going home. It is those services that you pay for when your pet stays until Sunday, you will get charged ½ a day boarding rate.

Can all my pets stay together in the same run?

Yes.We can accommodate your wishes and board your pets together in the same run, if the space chosen allows both comfort and safety.

Do you do discount for long-term boarding?

Yes.Please ask our staff when making reservation.

Is there a minimum stay required over a Holiday's?

Yes, a minimum stay will be required over holidays. Please check with us prior to making a reservation with us.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes we do.Gift certificates are available for any amount,and they are good for one year. They are not refundable.

Is anyone there overnight?

No. Staff arrives at 7:25 am  Monday - Sunday. Amherst Boarding Kennel  is open until 7:30 pm, sometimes they stay later doing paperwork.We do have alarm system,and one of our employees lives on premises in house upfront.This allows the pets to have some quiet and privacy time. We appreciate our customer's understanding and respecting our hours for our privacy and for care of your pets. Even though we are closed,it doesn't mean we are not there caring for your pets!

What is the typical daily schedule?

7:30 Am- Let all social boarding dogs out for play groups (dogs that are on "inside runs“), all "outside run" dogs out- side doggy doors. Do special medications, Disinfect all kennels with chemicals,hose them off, squeege them dry,wash all the dogs bowls from kennels in our room.
8:30 Am- 10:30 Am- Exercise all boarding dogs,daycare groups.Disinfect,hose then squeegee all "outside runs".
10:30 Am  - Feed all boarding dogs food bowls and wash them.
12:00 Pm - Let daycare dogs in from playtime, let boarding dogs out again.
1:00 Pm-3:30 Pm- Break - All dogs are resting and most of them will sleep after exciting morning.
3:30 Pm-Let out boarding dogs,daycare groups.
5:00 Pm- Feed boarding dogs pull food bowls out and wash them,keep letting out dogs from "outside runs".
6:30 Pm - Let out dogs from "inside runs" in play groups.
7:00 Pm - Clean all outside runs
7:30 Pm - Check all charts,do any late medications,give dogs good night treat,turn on radio with nice snoozing music so dogs can relax after exciting day. All dogs will sleep.

What if I am delayed in my trip and I don't return for my pet in timely manner?

If you are delayed in your trip, please notify us as soon as you can. We will make sure your pet is well taken care of until you are able to return for him/her. However we do not hear from you in couple days,regarding a delay in your return, we may mistake this to mean that your pet has been abandoned at our facility.

When do I pay for you service?

The full remaining balance (less any deposit)is required upon collection of your pet. lf you have someone else picking up your pet,payment arrangements need to be made in advance

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Checks or Credit card payment by Visa or Master Card only.

Boarding Questions

Before you board your pet:

There are two aspects to your pet Boarding-Mental and physical. Lots of people feel guilty when they leave their dog at a kennel.lf this is you,take our word for it, your dog doesn't feel nearly as bad being left as you do about leaving. Honest! Not that your dog won't miss being with you-but if he/she has boarded before, he/she knows you'll be back. It he/she hasn't boarded before, consider boarding your dog overnight to start your dog on right with positive boarding experience.

Leaving your dog with us at check-in

We know departing from your dog can be hard,but for his/her sake,avoid an emotional goodbye.Your emotions may make your dog anxious.So just hand us the leash with a smile and happy word to your dog. Dog will be fine. You will be too.

Will my dog forget me if we are away a for a long time?

Even though the dogs don't miss their owners while they're gone-they are always overjoyed to see them when they return.

What is the minimum age for boarding a dog?

We can board dogs at any age.We recommend that pups start boarding after they have finished their initial Distemper-Parvo series.Also that owners of old dogs or dogs with health issues discuss with vet about boarding.

Can all my pets stay together in the same run?

Yes we can accommodate your wishes and board your pets together in the same run if the space chosen allows both comfort and safety.

Do you give discounts for multiple pets?
Yes.As long as they share the same run. lf they stay in separate runs we charge for each run separately.

Will you administer medications for my dog? Do you charge extra for administering medications?

We will not charge extra for the administration of medications. However if your dog is diabetic and require more medical care (shots), you will be charged 5.00 for each shot. Please make sure if your dog is diabetic you limit his food intake at home so he/she will be eating for us at the kennel, otherwise we have to force feed the dog prior his/her shot unless it's OK to skip his/her shot, you will create more unnecessary stress for your animal if he/she is not eating.

How much people contact will my dog get?

Boarding dogs see and interact with staff throughout the workday during playtime, feeding cleaning and cookie times.

Can I visit my dog's while they are being boarded?

Changing the environment and the daily routine for your pet can be stressful.The visit can trigger more stress since your pet will think that you will take him/ home with you at the end of the visit.This is why we do not recommend visiting your pets while staying with us. Otherwise you can visit the facility without a reservation,at any time during business hours.

Will my dog be lonely?

Not a chancel! We offer Very friendly and fun environment,with lots of exercise and play groups. it'd be hard for anyone to be lonely! While your dog will always be happy to be reunited with you, we are thrilled to see the dogs are also eager to come back and see us too.

What do I need to bring?

The only thing we ask you to bring is your dog’s food. It’s best to keep your dogs diet that he’s used to in order to minimize any digestive upset and of course your dog medications if he/she uses any. If you don’t want to bring food we will feed our own dog food (Iams). We don't charge extra for feeding your dog your food or our food.

Can I bring my dog's own toys?

Sure! You're welcome to bring familiar toy from home that we can keep in the dogs run. Please be sure that All Belongings are clearly labeled, as they may be removed from the run do to a cleaning or laundering.

Can I bring a bed if I want to?

Yes, you can bring your dogs own bed or blanket. Through past experience, we have found it is best if you do NOT bring your pet's bedding.They may be very good at home, but in this new environment we had pets urinate (mark their territory) and defecate on their beds as well as chew them up. Best thing to bring is beach towel, we can easy wash it for you. During summer, dogs will NOT use bed they will lay down on cool floor, so they can cool themselves. In winter, when we heat floors they will lay down right on the floor too to warm themselves,


Water Bowls, Bed comforters, irreplaceable stuff toys, valuable stuff to you, rawhide (chocking hazard) more then 2 Toys (dog wont play with them,lots of other activities)

Where do the dogs eat and at what time?

All dogs will have their own run space for feeding. Meal times range between 10:00 am - 10.30am and again 5:30pm-6:30pm. We will feed all dogs after exercise so they can rest after meal, our staff monitors their food and water consumption to make sure they are eating and drinking enough water.Some dogs especially if they are nervous or first time boarders will not eat right away,but eventually they become hungry and start eating we may add something to their food to spike their appetite too unless they have some food allergy.

Can I bring food that needs refrigeration?

Yes.We have refrigeration and microwave to heat refrigerated food.We are happy to feed your dog whatever he/she normally eats at home so don't be afraid to mention this to us.

What if my dog won't eat and drink while being boarded?

When a dog doesn't eat or eat well we cannot force him/her to do so.The dogs will start eating when they are hungry,sometimes they don't eat as much as they do at home due to a stress.We will however entice him/her by making his/her food tastier.For example,we may put some can food in his/her food or chicken broth. It’s extremely rare to encounter a dog that doesn't drink water while being boarded. Clients that are concerned about this should see our staff about any questions prior to boarding.

How much exercise will my dog get?

Many dogs actually get more exercise while being boarded than they do at home.Because the doggy doors that separates the inside and outside runs are usually open,dogs have the choice to run back and forth in their "outside run",0r to relax in their individual "inside run". Dogs that are very social we put on "inside runs"they go in play yards 4 to 6 times during the day in the morning they will play for about 2 hour in play yard ,during cleaning inside facility. Generally more hyper dogs Will stay longer in play yards during winter but shorter during summer, they will get tired quicker.More quieter dogs will stay longer in our play yards during summer,when they enjoy sun,but stay shorter in our play yard during winter.

What if my dog doesn't get along with other dogs?

Amherst Boarding kennel has a number of play yards where yor dog can spend time outside without having to interact with other dogs.All dogs in our kennel will get to go outside in play yards.

What do you do with dogs like mine? He is older and not very active,and I'd like to make sure he has a pleasant experience at boarding.
We try to meet the needs of all types of dogs, including older and less active dogs that don't enjoy being sniffed or invited to play. We may move them to quieter areas, when they can enjoy watching the other dogs while relaxing in a quieter space.

Why does my dog smell when I pick him up after being boarded?

At Amherst Boarding Kennel, we are meticulous in cleaning our kennels, Play areas, and use veterinary hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner/deodorizers to keep them spotless. However, dogs in play group lick each others, their saliva on fur could smell,if someone pees they can walk thru it by the time our handler will clean they may get some of it on their fur around their paws or on them by running thru it. Certain customers may also be more sensitive to pet odors after having not been with an animal for while. We recommend scheduling a "Exit Bath"or grooming for pet before picking him up.

I notice that my dog is especially tired after boarding.ls this normal?

Yes.A stay at Amherst Boarding Kennel can be very exciting!! Some dogs run around barking at other dogs and have a wonderful time. They often leave exhausted but happy-and sleep a lot the first couple days they are home.

My pet is so thirsty when he/she comes home from a boarding visit? Doesn't he! she get water when he/she is with you? Or why won't he/she drink when being boarded?

Pets will frequently become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of seeing their family and loved ones again when they're picked up. It’s natural and you should expect your pet a bit dehydrated from all the excitement once you get them home. While in our care,pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water,which is continuously checked and refreshed throughout the day.And,just like the excitement of coming home, when they first are checked in and settled in their runs, they will tend to become very thirsty. We provide them with fresh water upon check-in to get the pet fully hydrated.After the first 30 min or so,most of them settle into the new routine, get more comfortable and establish their habits.

Are there any suggestions when bringing my dog home from stay at Amherst Boarding Kennel?

Yes some dogs may become overexcited from seeing their owners and the car ride home. Over excitement may make a pet pant a lot and act thirsty.He/She is probably not really thirsty and had plenty of water available to them while staying with us.Give them a few ice cubes to tide them over until they settle down.

Also same applies with food and you should know that excessive eating an drinking may lead to digestive upsets. Do not feed your pet for about three hours after returning home, and then,limit the food and water you provide until they settle back in.You may also skip feeding till next day, after you reestablish home patterns by following a normal schedule.

How far in advance should we make boarding reservations?

We usually fill all kennels for any holiday and school breaks more then a month in advance. Most of the time,with the exception holidays and school breaks,we are able to accommodate last minute reservations.

Sharing Information

If you have any questions about your dog's boarding experience,please ask us.And we
welcome your feedback too.We are continuously striving to make our services the best they can be.Your input and feedback is critical to our success.

My question isn't listed here,what should I do?

Please call as we will answer all your questions or concerns,we are here to help!